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Roofing Services In Myrtle Beach, SC

new roof on grey house with grey shinglesWe provide residential roofing service to those living in Myrtle Beach, the Grand Strand and all of South Carolina.

We have years of experience in providing homeowners with the best looking roofs in their neighborhood!

Your neighbors will surely ask where you found such a quality company- and we do this on purpose.

Choose from the options below to read more about each of these, or reach out to us anytime day or night.

You can schedule an appointment to receive a quote in person, or we can be reached at (843) 995-2384 and email.

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Local Roofing Experts

roof complete left side rs-min-1-gtThere are plenty of roofing contractors to choose from, and when hiring Right On Top Roofing, you will become a part of our growing family of customers.

As an emerging local company in Myrtle Beach, we will not only perform just about any roofing construction project, but we will stop at nothing to make sure you are satisfied to the point of writing us a positive review, or referring us to your friends and family.

We have seen many mistakes in this business, often from roofing services doing a job too quickly and skipping vital steps along the way.

We love to drive through a neighborhood years after completing a new roof installation, and see just how well the condition has held up over time.

If there is a single shingle out of place or missing, we will stop immediately and mend the issue on the spot.

That is a commitment we made when we started this company- to stand out among the crowd and offer something truly unique to our customers- top quality craftsmanship and 5-star quality service.

We will also check in from time to time and make sure you are 100% satisfied with your experience. We welcome any criticism, as it will help us grow and avoid similar mistakes down the road.

However, our goal is to have nothing but positive feedback, which is why we try so hard to get it right the first time. Our reputation is the most important thing to our business, and one dissatisfied customer could potentially devastate our future in this industry.

Therefore, we take every repair and re-roofing project very seriously and we will not leave any job until you are 100% satisfied.


Hire A Trusted Roofing Contractor

Having a quality roofer can be the difference between 20 years of consistently lower repair costs, energy bills, and more.

We find that by treating our customers with respect and maintaining our integrity throughout the process has made a huge difference in our business.

That is a habit we have no intention of breaking, and we will be happy to prove to you that your decision to hire us was the right one.

We follow all of the latest building codes, and refer to many years of roofing construction to maintain an orderly system in our communication and planning.

We use the highest standard shingles in the business, and will always repair the complete roofing system- including plywood and decking.

That way you do not have to worry about a thin coat of shingles protecting your roof from further servicing.

If you have leaks or missing shingles, or a gaping hole in the top of your home, we know how to restore it to its original condition.