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Don't want to pay out of pocket for your new roof? Break it into monthly payments with our financing option

Roofing projects can come with a cost that many homeowners are not able to pay for all at once. That is why we looked at dozens of financing options before finding the perfect fit.

You can get qualified with rates and payment options without a hard inquiry – so it does not affect your credit!

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Frequent Questions

If I finance, where do the funds go?

Unlike most home improvement loans that go to the contractor or a credit card, your funds go directly into your bank account. You control the funds and we take payment in the same way for each customer.

What are the interest rates right now?

Right now rates are starting around 4.99% but it depends on the loan. To get an exact rate and term check out the payment tool. Only takes a minute!

How do I qualify without hurting my credit?

The pre-approval gathers rates based on a soft inquiry. Your credit is only pulled once you finalize the loan and it goes to a single bank with the best offer.

Can I get roof financing with bad credit?

Yes! Not everyone has perfect credit, which is why we offer financing options for customers with scores as low as 500.

Can I use the funds for my homeowner's insurance deductible?

We recommend it! If you have a deductible over $1,000 then the financing plan can be a great way to soften the blow to your wallet and get a new roof that your home needs.

Will I qualify even for a small repair job?

The size of the job does not matter! The loan amount can be used for any roofing project $1,000 or more. This includes most repairs and even our roof tune-up option.

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