Roof Repair Myrtle Beach

Every home is unique. As a result, there could be many roof repair solutions that could properly address your concerns.

If you have lived in your home for a number of years, then you might already be aware of the issues and are just waiting for the right time to address them.

Should you find that your home is cooler or warmer than usual, this could be the cause of a festering hole that is causing a ventilation issue. This may eventually spread into a larger issue, so it is best to resolve any lingering problems as soon as possible.

Whatever your situation, a proper servicing of the roof starts with a professional inspection of the roofing system itself. We will send an expert technician to visit your home and gain a true understanding of the issues at hand.

There are multiple storms that hit Myrtle Beach each year, so it is best to find out if your have any troubling items lurking above your head, and get them fixed before you wake up with puddles all around.

Roof Leaks and Missing Shingles

new shingles for roof repair

When you have missing, old, or decaying shingles, it is a good idea to replace them with newer materials to ensure they perform their task in protecting the roof of your home.

Many roofing contractors will secure shingles quickly, producing inconsistent results in how each shingle is fastened. Also, tons of shingles go missing when improperly fastened to the roof to begin with.

They are designed for extreme weather and should hold up in most cases- meaning the simple act of nailing the shingles down must be done with care and respect.

It is easy to try to nail quickly as it is somewhat monotonous, however we take the extra step of making sure you do not see a problem in the future.

Each fastened shingle must be nailed all the way to through to the underlayment and decking.

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We treat all of our repairs with similar attention. Missing or decaying shingles, and the sealing around the top of the roofing system are often unnoticeable from the ground.

Even just a few missing shingles could soon turn into many gaps in the roof’s protective layer.

If you spot some shingles out of place or gone, we do not recommend climbing on top of your home to inspect and/or repair them yourselves.

There could be loose shingles on your walk up that may come loose while you are walking up the roof, thus causing you to go down with them.

We have walked on many roofing surfaces at this point, and we will gladly send out one of our technicians to go on top of your home and look over every aspect of your roof structure before we help you determine the most beneficial solution.

Repair Your Roof's Structural Foundation

A leaky roof may start off fairly innocuous, however many homeowners are unaware if the leak has caused some internal structural damage.

This means the roof must be inspected and repaired immediately to avoid partial or total collapse of the entire system.

If you see water either dripping or visible by water stains in the ceiling, we will perform the inspection and estimate at no cost- which includes a complete assessment of the whole roofing system.

If there has been recent storm, there may be hail damage to blame or the occasional wind gust. There will not be a second lost in responding to your request for emergency service, as we understand the importance of addressing issues to the roof before they compound.

Water can be especially damaging to a home’s structure as it will weaken the wood decking over time, causing a need for a new roof installation. That is why we must check the plywood for damp conditions, and will replace it most of the time.

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