Hire A Trusted Aynor Roofing Contractor

aynor shingles deliveredThere is no doubt that your home’s roof will need to be serviced as you continue to incur rain, wind, hail, snow and the various Aynor weather conditions over the years. Right On Top Roofing will gladly help you through a troubling ordeal, as no homeowner should climb onto the top of his or her home unless they, too, are licensed professionals. Most roofers will provide a quick quote for a service over the phone, however we prefer to provide you with a free inspection so that we can assess the nature of the structure. If you had a leak 3 years ago, there might be underlying damage to the decking, or small cracks in the trusses that can really do harm if not untreated. We find that a thorough investigation of each roofing system always best serves our customers. Our elite service will offer options for the type of maintenance you require- so you can choose to have a new roof installed or simply need a few shingles replaced. We will not hesitate to work with you either way, and will have a solution no matter your situation.

New Roof Installations & Replacements

If you have had the same roofing system in place for more than 10-12 years, it may be time to install a new roof. Another indication of the need for a full replacement is if you have old or missing shingles, leaks in the rooms under the roof, recent hail storm, and higher energy bills. Your electric bill could be steadily increasing if you have a ventilation issue caused by bad flashing or dry leaks from your roof that have occurred over time. The underlayment and sheathing could become worn and useless if not treated properly, which would be subtly noticed over time. Most homeowners in the Aynor area are unaware of the issues in their roofs until they find a visible leak or have a tree limb come crashing down. We will install a new roof when there is enough damage that a simple patch will not suffice. If there is storm damage to your roof, then there could be a need for emergency repairs that can quickly address any dangerous hazards that could be lurking. Many times we might recommend a replacement of the roof entirely, however we will always provide you with a few options so that you can make the ultimate decision.

Roof Leaks & Missing Shingles

Finding a puddle in your garage is always a surprise, although it may be due to the leaking roof above. There are a number of quick solutions available that could stop the issue at hand, and we have each skill to be resolve the incoming water. You may have shingles missing that is allowing water to seep through to the decking below, or the roof flashing has come loose and water is entering below the counter flashing. The most innovative roofers will find a way to patch just about anything, however we take the long-term approach and fix the problem so that you do not have a repeat need for service down the line. New shingles will be applied to new plywood where necessary, and you will have your roof restored immediately.

Emergency Roof Repair: Hail & Storm Damage

Every year, Aynor is hit with a storm that causes damage to homes in the area. Some years are worse than others, however we have seen the light and the heavy occasions make a huge impression on the roofing, no matter what size storm. Therefore it is important to not only maintain the roof over the years, but to take preventive measures to make sure it keeps its new look after the rain falls. Shingles take a beating over time, and there are many new homeowners who have inherited a bad roofing system without even knowing it. It only takes 3 minutes of bad hail, rain, snow or ice falling onto the roof to have a profound impact on the roof shingles, decking and overall support structure. That is why we offer emergency services, so that you can have a licensed professional come out to eliminate the dangers associated with a bad storm coming through town. Click Here To Schedule Your Free Roofing Estimate [good-reviews review=846]